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VetMax Louse Powder - 500g

VetMax Louse Powder - 500g

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An effective and long lasting repellent for controlling lice on horses, farm livestock and companion animals. Effective against red mite on poultry. Can be used on all animals that don’t lick their skin/fur such as cows, horses, donkeys, minis, alpacas, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry. Not suitable to be applied onto dogs and cats.

Active ingredient: P-Menthane - 3,8-diol 0.8%w/w
Application: Apply an even spread of powder over the affected area on the animal or the bedding.
With-holding period: No withholding period for meat or eggs.
How does it work: It is a repellent that deters rather than kills the insect. (Not an insecticide)
Insects it is effective on: Louse (Lice), Red & White mites.
How long does it last: Will stay on the animal for up to 7 days if kept dry.
Usage amount: 5g to 10g covers an area 10cm X 15cm
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