Collection: Poultry - Housing & Hygiene

How often should I clean out my coop?

As a minimum you should clean your coop weekly, although you can spot-clean in between if necessary, especially around the feeders and drinkers.

How should I clean the coop?

To effectively clean the coop, strip it all down and scrape off any dried faeces, scrub it clean with soapy water where possible and either dry in sunlight, or with old towels.

Spray the dried housing with Total Mite Kill RTU Spray, a powerful insecticide and disinfectant spray that contains permethrin which will clean housing whilst tackling any possible mite issues.

Take care to get into all the nooks and crannies by using Nettex Total Mite Kill Aerosol Spray in the hard-to-reach areas.

Next, powder the housing, bedding and any dustbaths with Nettex Total Hygiene Powder. This highly absorbent powder containing Diatomaceous Earth has a high affinity for moisture that promotes dryness and hygiene resulting in an inhabitable environment for mites.  Lastly re-assemble the housing.

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