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Fussy Eaters

What Are Fussy Eaters?

If your horse is a fussy eater make sure there is no underlying health issue e.g. hindgut/stomach ulcers, poor teeth, or any other illness causing your horse to have a poor appetite or go ‘off’ its feed. Typically feeds that have a sweetener such as molasses or honey will tempt even the fussiest of horses!


Pryde's EasiFeed Products That Can Help


When to use this feed

Use EasiResult for horses with a poor appetite or for horses that may have temporarily lost their appetite due to stress or illness.

Feed it With

EasiResult is best fed by itself for fussy eaters. The horse should have access to plenty of hay or pasture.

Other Tips

Keep the diet for fussy eaters as simple as possible, being sure to minimise the use of salt, electrolytes and other supplements to only what is needed.

If you horse has suddenly gone off its feed, you need to identify why.

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