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Dull Coat/Dry Skin

What is Dull Coat or Dry Skin?

A dull coat and/or dry skin can be caused by several things, but the most common are: 

  • Poor base nutrition including vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
  • Lack of quality protein in diet.
  • Change of season.

To promote a healthy coat, ensure the horse has a quality base diet that meets all its vitamin and mineral requirements. If the horse is on pasture alone, ensure it has a vitamin and mineral balancer pellet to make up for any shortfalls in the pasture. Protein quality plays an important role in coat condition. Quality protein sources include Extruded Full Fat soya bean meal, faba beans and lupins along with good quality forage. A small amount of  good quality oil on a daily basis can be used to improve coat shine, particularly for sale or show preparation. 

Prydes EasiFeed Products That Can Help

Easifeed Polished 

When to use this product

Use Polished when additional organic copper, essential fatty acids and amino acids are needed for coat colour and shine and skin health. 

Feed it With

Polished can be added to any balanced diet. 

When to use this product

Use EasiOil to add essential fatty acids to a diet when a horses coat and skin are dry. 

Feed it With

EasiOil can be added to any balanced diet.

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