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Vetpro Seal-On Spray Powder

Vetpro Seal-On Spray Powder

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Stops Bleeding Spray Powder

An aerosol containing M•doc™ powder to stop bleeding fast from scrapes, grazes and scratches where there is a large surface area and visible bleeding.

SEAL-ON™ Stops Bleeding Spray is also suitable for minor cuts when sprayed onto gauze or tissue and applied to the cut with pressure.

Hypoallergenic and pH balanced.

Safe for adults and children.

50ml aerosol

Reduces the risk of renewed bleeding

pH balanced and biocompatible

Seal On is completely natural – derived from cotton

No adverse effects or contraindications


M•doc™ Micro dispersed Oxidised Cellulose is an active haemostatic agent which works with the body’s natural coagulation to speed up the process to stop bleeding.


A derivative of pure natural cotton, oxidised cellulose has been used by medical professionals to stop bleeding for over 50 years.

M•doc™ can be used in all minor injuries where there is capillary bleeding such as cuts, scratches and abrasions. The very fine powder that rapidly absorbs the blood from minor cuts and grazes to form a soft gel-like layer over the wound and stop the bleeding fast.

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