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Topflite Wild Bird Mix - 1kg - Course

Topflite Wild Bird Mix - 1kg - Course

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Nutritious seed blend for wild birds.

This coarse wild bird seed mix is perfect for attracting a wide range of bird species including finches, doves, sparrows, pigeons and more!

A premium mix of top-quality, NZ-grown seeds provides essential energy to wild birds so they can thrive in your garden. This wild bird seed mix contains a good blend of seed to provide a balanced and nutritious feed for your feathered friends. 

Winter is when birds need extra food sources the most, and keep it topped up regularly so they know where to find it.

Size: 1kg bag


Wheat, sorghum, canary seed, oats, barley, panicum, radish, weedseed, oilseed rape, NZ sunflower.
Protein 15.2%, Fibre 10.3%, Fat 16.6%.

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