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Topflite Meadow Medley - Flower Power

Topflite Meadow Medley - Flower Power

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It is time to talk fibre. Our furry friends certainly need it in their diet. The Topflite Meadow Medley is the easy way to deliver a natural, healthy dose of fibre specifically tailored for rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

Small animals cannot resist this delicious mix of dried herbs and flowers while the star of the show, Timothy Hay grass, delivers a powerhouse of nutrition and fibre. Use as a tasty topper to encourage hay or pellet consumption – your little friends will love you for it!

– Natural, fibre-rich treat for small animals

– Eco-friendly packaging

– Made in New Zealand

– Encourages hay or pallet consumption

Feeding guide:

Use as a treat or mix in with hay or pellet feed.

Timothy Hay (chopped), parsley, mint, hibiscus flower, calendula flowers, dandelion herb, rose petals, chamomile flowers

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