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Puppy Shampoo - Baby Powder - 500ml

Puppy Shampoo - Baby Powder - 500ml

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Yours Droolly Puppy Shampoo Baby Powder 500ml

Puppy Shampoo has been enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to care for your puppy’s skin. Its pH balanced and soap free formula gently cleanses and freshens without drying or irritating. Leave you puppy feeling soft, fresh, clean and cuddly.

  • pH balanced for puppies
  • 100% Soap and SLS* FREE
  • Professional quality formula
  • Cleans and deodourises coat
  • Suitable for regular use
  • Suitable for use with long term flea treatments.

Pamper your pet with Yours Droolly Puppy Shampoo. A gentle pH Balanced formula that won't cause irritation to the coat and skin. Also suitable for dogs, cats and kittens.

Directions to Use:

May be used frequently. Apply to wet coat in several places, massage into a lather, avoiding eyes. Rinse coat thoroughly. After shampooing, follow with Shear Magic Puppy Conditioner. Dry and brush the coat as usual.

What dogs it works for

Suitable for all breeds and dog coat types.

*Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (used in many shampoos) can cause skin irritation.

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