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Provida Feline Nutri-Meal 200g

Provida Feline Nutri-Meal 200g

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Nutri-Meal is an all-in-one food supplement for complete overall health and wellbeing. Each daily recommended serving provides a boost of Essential Fatty Acids, protein, fibre, pre-biotics, vitamins and minerals for optimum condition, health and vitality.

This unique blend of premium quality ingredients provides nutrients to enhance mobility and joint health, add coat shine and lustre, enhance and safeguard vision, maintain healthy skin, increase attention and brain development, freshen breath and build a healthy immune system. What's more, it is GMO free, free from artificial preservatives and colours, and contains carefully selected pre-biotics and functional fibre for gut health & digestion.

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes healthy skin and coats
  • Increases attention and brain development
  • Maintains healthy, joints and muscles particularly in older cats
  • Aids optimum digestive health
  • Freshens breath
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