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NRM Lamb Performance Pellets - 20kg

NRM Lamb Performance Pellets - 20kg

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NRM Lamb Performance Pellets with Deccox® 6% are a high protein, readily digestible energy formulation designed to encourage good rumen development in young lambs and aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.


Key Benefits & Features

  • High quality protein pellet, aiding the development of muscle and bone.
  • Contains highly digestible cereal grains which help stimulate rumen papillae development and encourage greater feed intakes.
  • Early rumen development reduces the risk of feed intake checks at weaning and may reduce rearing costs.
  • Contains essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements needed for optimal growth, development, and vigour.
  • Palatability helps ensure any twin or triplet multiple born lamb is adequately fed until after weaning.
  • Provides creep feed supplementation for lambs on ewes during pasture shortfalls and helps transition lambs onto pasture at weaning.
  • Deccox® 6% aids in the prevention of coccidiosis.


Feeding Rates



May vary with different breeds and farming practices. As a supplement to milk feeding, feed NRM Lamb Performance Pellets with Deccox® ad lib from 4 days of age. Healthy lambs older than 4 weeks of age, over 9kg body weight, and typically eating 200g/ head/day of NRM Lamb Performance Pellets with Deccox®, may be weaned off milk and onto pasture. After weaning, slowly reduce pellet intake over the next 6 weeks to a minimum of 85g NRM Lamb Performance Pellets with Deccox®/head/day.


Feeding Recommendations



NRM Lamb Performance Pellets with Deccox® are specifically formulated for use in any of the following:

  • Orphaned and surplus lambs in both commercial and lifestyle farm situations, along with lamb milk replacer, and grass or hay
  • Lambs from 4 days old (after good colostrum intake has been achieved), through until after weaning
  • Alternatively, use with 3–4-week-old lambs after starting on NRM Lamb Start Mix with Deccox®
  • Creep feed to lambs on ewes prior to and after weaning, aiding the transition onto a pasture only diet
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