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NRM Evolve - 20kg - Message to get into store

NRM Evolve - 20kg - Message to get into store

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NRM Evolve provides energy, protein, vitamins and minerals required during pregnancy and lactation in a convenient nut-form, ideal to prevent wastage when feeding in bins or from the ground.

A safe, full feed, Evolve provides additional calories to assist with maintenance of optimum body condition. This low glycemic feed is formulated to encourage sound skeletal development in young growing horses. Research undertaken by KER has indicated a significant benefit in providing growing horses with a supplementary feed that has a low glycemic index, relative to conventional grain mixes. Energy is derived from a combination of fats, cooked grains and digestible fibre.


  • Contains natural Vitamin E, which has superior bioavailability compared to synthetic sources and is proven to support immunity in foals.
  • Contains yeast culture to increase nutrient availability and maximise hindgut function
  • Contains chromium to enhance glucose and insulin metabolism.
  • Convenient nut form is ideal to prevent wastage when feeding from bins or from the ground.
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