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Nettex Poultry Power Drops

Nettex Poultry Power Drops

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Nettex Poultry Power Drops are a fast acting pick-me-up supplement for chickens packed full of energy and immune supporting vitamins.

  • Instant energy source for weak chickens.
  • Helps support birds during periods of stress and illness, including the introduction of new birds to the flock, periods of warm weather or following illness.
  • Helps support peak egg production when maximum stamina and energy are required.
  • Helps support appetite and feed efficiency

    SIZE: 30ml




    Administer 1ml per kg of body-weight (average weight of an adult bird is 2.5kg) daily, into the mouth of the bird.

    Administer Nettex Poultry Power Drops for a minimum of 3 days and maximum of 5 days.

    Do not exceed the recommended feed rate.

    Application may be repeated as desired as a nutritional supplement.

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