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Mitavite Cool Vitality - 20kg - Message to get into store

Mitavite Cool Vitality - 20kg - Message to get into store

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Mitavite Cool Vitality is a new generation of horse muesli the perfect balance of cool energy and conditioning that so many horse owners struggle to find, particularly those with excitable or fussy horses. Cool Vitality is a highly palatable, tasty oat and corn free muesli that’s low in starch, high in fibre and highly nutritious. It includes quality protein sources and super fibres, providing your horse with safe and controlled energy, as well ad digestive support and bone density support with added Bonofide.

This muesli is packed with goodness including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and pre and probiotics. The natural goodness of Cool Vitality makes it ideal for a range of horses and ensures they can perform at their best whether that be in the show arena or in the paddock. Every ingredient in Cool Vitality is of high standard, there is no short cuts and no cheap fillers.



  • Quality protein sources
  • Safe, controlled energy
  • Digestive care
  • Bone density support

Key advantages

  • Quality proteins - contains micronized lupins, which are naturally high in protein as well as lucerne
  • Rich blend of amino acid sources – foundation of a healthy topline
  • Safe controlled energy – via the inclusion of micronized grains, fats and fibres
  • Advantages of micronizing – allowing for maximum feed safety and efficiency and removes burden on the hind gut
  • Healthy fats to add condition safely – rice bran oil provides additional cool energy and conditioning
  • High fibre for gut care – fibre content of 15.2%, providing an excellent energy source

Horses that thrive on Cool Vitality

  • Low to medium work horse such as pony club, western or show horses
  • Working horses such as endurance or stock horses
  • Off the track Thoroughbreds under a low to medium workload
  • Spelled horses requiring feed to maintain condition

Micronized Barley, Micronized Lupins, Sunflower Seeds, Lucerne Chaff, Protein Meals, Legume Hulls, Rice Bran Oil (including Omega 3 and Omega 9 Fatty Acids), Molasses, Salt, Mitavite® Vitamin and Mineral Premix (Including Heat Stable Vitamins and Chelated Mineral Proteinates), Biotin, Vitamin C, Natural Vitamin E, Prebiotic, Probiotic and Quinaquanone® (Active Constituent of Bonafide®, Bio-Available Vitamin K1 and K2)

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