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KER Equi-Jewel 20kg - Message to get into store

KER Equi-Jewel 20kg - Message to get into store

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Equi-Jewel is a high fat, low starch, cool energy supplement with added Vitamin E, selenium and calcium, for horses from six months of age requiring a source of highly digestible fats.

 Additional calories are derived from fat stabilised rice bran help build muscle, topline and maintain condition

  • This feed has a balanced calcium: phosphorus ratio to deliver optimal skeletal development and athletic performance
  • Stabilised and extruded for fat content and to prevent oxidation
  • Essential fatty acids aid healthy skin and coat
  • The low feeding rate and high digestibility makes this feed an economical calorie supplement
  • Major nutrients: Crude protein 13%, fat 18-20%, fibre (NDF) 13%, calcium (min) 2.25%, Vitamin E 650IU/kg, digestible energy 18-19MJ/kg and selenium 1mg/kg
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