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Fiber Fresh

Fiber Fresh - FiberBoost - 20kg

Fiber Fresh - FiberBoost - 20kg

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FiberBoost® is an oat free, complete feed mixed in the correct proportion of fresh cut lucerne and freshly kibbled barley balanced with a vitamin and mineral supplement.

FiberBoost® provides superior protein and amino acids for growth and development required in young growing horses and those requiring a conditioning feed. The balance of protein and slow release energy makes it ideal for stallions, broodmares and sport horses wanting a conditioning safe feed.

FiberBoost® is a specifically formulated feed that will support weight gain, optimal growth rates, and improve general body condition and top-line.

FiberBoost® technical information: FiberBoost® ingredient composition Lucerne (alfalfa), kibbled barley, cured molasses (4%), and a vitamin and mineral supplement.

FiberBoost® is a complete feed mixed in the correct proportions of fibre and grain. Other energy sources may be added to the ration if necessary to meet higher nutrient demands. 

Feeding Recommendations:

Refer to the following table for recommended feeding rates. These amounts will help correct the correct forage to grain ration and provide a base of quality nutrition. Forage should make up at least 50% of the horses daily feed intake. Feeding levels are calculated to provide at least half of the daily energy requirements of the horse. 

When introducing FiberBoost® to the diet increase daily amounts by 0.5kg increments until the required feeding amount is reached as per our recommended feeding rates.

Light Work (resting / pleasure) 1kg – 3kg
Moderate Work (showjumping / dressage / eventing) 2kg – 6kg
Heavy Work (racing / endurance) 4kg+
Growing Horses And Pregnant Mares 2kg – 6kg
Breeding Stallions 3kg – 6kg
Lactating Mares 4kg+
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