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Big Red Stable Snacks

Big Red Stable Snacks

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Only the highest quality ingredients are used to hand make our amazing biscuits where we use freshly grated whole carrots in our Carrot biscuits, with yummy juicy apple puree in our Apple ones, natural sweet molasses for our Molasses biscuits, and tasty granulated garlic in our Garlic cookies. 

There are no artificial preservatives or artificial flavours in any of our biscuits. 


Oh yes indeedie, our biscuits are well and truly tested on animals for taste, size, thickness, palitability, crispness, crunch, and flavor. We did a huge taste test trial on all types of equines, from brood mares to yearlings, miniatures, stallions & rescue horses, horse breeding facilities, agisting centres, racehorse owners & trainers ,  a huge variety of different equines, and they all seem to be very very pleased with our biscuit recipe. Our very own Big Red himself has been the taste tester to every batch number that has been baked in our Devonport Bakery. Big Red's Mochachino has also tried every batch and there have been zero complaints made by either.

We have had our customers tell us that their other pets including alpaca's, donkeys, pet calves, cows, pet sheep, pigs and dogs also enjoy our biscuit treats. 

So they seem well and truly taste tested by a wide variety of animals whom simply love them.

Caution: Do not feed to sheep.

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