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Aloe Cool Gel 500ml

Aloe Cool Gel 500ml

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ALOE COOL GEL contains aloe-vera, tea tree oil, menthol and camphor. Its cooling and soothing action provides quick relief to tired tendons and muscles. It also stimulates the local circulation, dispersing minor swellings and bruises. Its cooling action is beneficial when used as a pre-competition liniment. It has an anti-bacterial action so can be applied over minor grazes and scratches.

When applying to the legs, prepare area by cleaning and drying thoroughly, use a liberal amount and cover the entire area between the elbow and fetlock joints. Massage in well for 4-5 minutes. Take care if applying bandages over the top of ALOE COOL GEL; sensitive skin may blister.
When using on the body, prepare area by cleaning and drying thoroughly, apply liberally over the muscles, massaging firmly in the direction of the coat hair.
Repeat as necessary.

Contains no prohibited substances.

Available in 500ml size only


BODY: Using palms and fingers massage firmly concentrating on the areas outlined in the diagram. Where the direction of the hair coat allows, massage towards the heart (aids venous circulation).Continue for 5 – 10 minutes.

LEGS: Using the palms and fingers, massage from the elbow to the knee and then from the knee to fetlock. The direction of the hair coat makes it easier to massage downwards. Concentrate on the bulbs of the heels for 5 minutes to stimulate the venous circulation.

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