Float Hire - FAQs

Question:  What are the hire rates?  

Answer: Half day hire = $30 – Full day hire = $50.



Question:  What is a half-day hire?  

Answer: Up to 4 hours hire.



Question:  I have an early start?  

Answer: No problem to pick up the evening before (full day hire rates will apply).



Question:  Do I have to return the float clean?  

Answer: Yes, please return the float clean, ready for the next hire.

Question: Is any bond payable?

Answer: A refundable $50.00 bond is payable at the start of the lease period. The bond will be refunded on return of the clean float.



Question: Does the Float need to be insured?

Answer: No. Insurance cover will be taken care of by JAD Equine, however you will be required to pay the excess/deductible on any claim in the case of loss or damage during the Hire Period.  If the loss/damage is not covered by JAD Equine’s insurance because of something you have done, then you will be liable for the cost of repair/replacement. See the Terms for more.



Question: What if the tyres wear out during my lease period or I get a puncture.
Answer: Tyre replacement due to wear is our problem, punctures are yours.



Question:  Do you hire float boots?  

Answer: Yes, we have both pony and hack size - $10 per hire.



Question:  Can 2 large hacks fit in your float?  

Answer: Yes, we have had 2 x 16.2+ horses travel together comfortably.  However, the unladen weight of the float is 720kg – please check the towing capacity of your vehicle.


Question:  What size towbar do we need?  

Answer: The float has a standard 1 7/8” towball (47.625mm) – it will NOT fit a 55mm towbar.