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What is Hyperactivity?

Unruly, fizzy, unsafe behaviour is more of an issue in equestrian/pleasure horses than it is in racing horses, though feeding for good behaviour is important in young racehorses. Changes in behaviour can be caused by:

  • Feeding too much for the work being done.
  • Feeding unsuitable feeds.
  • Hindgut acidosis.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies, notably vitamin B1 and magnesium.

Pryde's EasiFeed Products That Can Help

When to use this feed

Use EasiSport as a complete feed for horses that become energetic and difficult to ride when fed grain based feeds.

Feed it With

Feed EasiSport at its recommended feeding rate with an equal volume of chaff and good quality pasture or hay.

When to use this feed

Use EasiOil to add extra energy to a diet where needed in place of other high energy fibres, grains, pellets and sweetfeeds.

Feed it With

EasiOil can be added to any balanced diet. For hyperactive horses it can be added to a diet based on EasiSport or simply fed with chaff, EasiFeed 300 Pellet and good quality pasture or hay.

Other Tips

Adjust feed intake according to workload to help control behaviour. Reduce the amount of EasiSport and EasiOil fed on rest days by 75% and on light work days by 50% of what is fed on normal working days.

Be careful not to overestimate workload as this will result in overfeeding and hyperactivity. 

Avoid feeding large amounts of prime lucern hay to horses that get hyperactive easily.

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